Thursday, May 31, 2012

Uncommon Gifts

Every bride is looking for that perfect gift for her groom-to-be.
Every groom wants to find something special for his future Mrs.

Every wedding guest sees that list of towels, kitchen utensils, and home decor on the registry and wishes they could find something that the couple will open and think "Oh wow!  This is perfect!" and not just because they picked it out at the store 6 months ago.

Enter Uncommon Goods - the ultimate destination to fulfill all your gift-giving dreams.  This website has more unusual gifts than your little heart could ever desire, so we'll highlight our favorites!

This beautiful piece of art is a customized piece which features the bride and groom's individual thumbprints, names, and a delicate heart at the center or you can choose to add their wedding date.  Each piece is hand-cut with a craft knife (believe it or not!) and is a beautiful representation of each person's individuality while still showing their unity in such a simple and elegant way.  With such a simple design, it would look beautiful in any home or apartment and will surely find a place in their home for years to come. (You really have to see the larger print on their website to get a full appreciation for the effort involved.)

Dear Bride, We know that you've spent hours upon hours planning all the perfect little details for your wedding. You have the shoes and the dress, flowers and earrings, and maybe even a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.  But your groom? He's probably renting a suit that he'll pick up from the store a couple days before the wedding then return it just hours after wearing it.  The poor guys needs and might we even say, DESERVES something personalized, something all his own, something he can actually keep after the rush of the day has ended.  These personalized custom typewriter cufflinks are the perfect addition to your groom's snazzy suit, and unlike most bridesmaid dresses, he can actually wear them again - always a bonus.

The traditional 3-tier cake will never go out of style, but as we've seen with many recent weddings, the new and improved cupcake and push-pop phase has arrived and is still in full swing this season.  While mini ice cream sandwiches would also be a welcome treat at any outdoor wedding this summer, we would recommend that you leave the food-preparing to the professionals and instead add these little gems to your registry!  Perfect for any summer gathering or a fun date night at home, the ice cream sandwiches in this photo look so good that you might not be able to wait for the wedding and just order them yourself... we might even buy them for the "team" because you never know when you'll be in the mood for a chipwich!

We're meeting more and more couples who have roots in different parts of the country and each of them brings a special part of their hometown traditions and upbringing to the wedding, reception, and to the relationship. Whether they met on a dating website, through mutual friends, or because of a work transfer, love brought them together.  This custom graphic piece commemorates the distance love traveled to bring one individual to the other, and is available in three different colors to coordinate with any home interior.
And did we mention that it's super cute? Oh, we just did that. Good.

Date Night Idea Cards
We love the idea of these "idea cards" and how they give you so many... well... ideas! They come in three decks: Family Time, My Time, and Date Night.  We recommend the Date Night cards for the happy couple; however, the bride may enjoy and appreciate her own set of My Time cards after the wedding craziness has finally ended and she's settled into her new life as wife. Some ideas from the deck: (1) Do a food crawl - have appetizers at one restaurant, dinner at another, and dessert with drinks at the last stop.  (2) Prom in the living room, complete with decorations, the dress, the music, and of course the dancing! (3) We won't even mention the rest of them... the website does say "adults only" so we'll just leave it at that and let you use your imagination!

Is your man just slightly obsessed with his hometown?  I know a few grooms who would've just died at the altar to see their homestate appear on their wedding band.  Ok, maybe they wouldn't have died. That would probaly be bad. And maybe they would've wanted something a little more special for their wedding band, but what guy wouldn't love to have a ring that's such a conversation piece?  We think it's a cool idea and your groom might, too.

Face Mug
This last item should probably fall under the category: Things You Don't Need... but you just have to have!  Just imagine, you're sitting on the back porch drinking your morning ritual hot cocoa.  You look down and see that you have eaten ALL of the mini marshmallows... Oh no!  What's a girl to do?  Have no fears, there is a secret stash of extra marshmallows just inches from your fingertips.  We found a solution. The world will continue to turn.
See?  You need this mug. Oh, and it's available in white, too.  As if you needed more reasons to buy it.

With Love and Gifts,

The Emily Weddings Team