Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jenny and Joey April 17,2010

Jenny and Joey were such a FUN couple! Joey is a navy jet pilot, which made the Aviation Museum such a perfect location for their ceremony and reception. Joey's grandfather flew the Corsair so next to it we had a picture of his grandfather flying the plane. It was such a beautiful touch in memory of him. Chris Bickford Photography is the talent behind these amazing photos, Helga Macko did an amazing job on the floral arrangements, Catering Concepts was so great to work with, Creative Cakes and Desserts created the perfect sleek design in keeping with the couples theme, and Pike Media Resource created the amazing ambience for dinner and a lively light show as the evening picked up. It couldn't have been a more perfect evening!

Jenny and Joey, we wish you all the best! Thank you for letting us share in one of the most important days of your lives!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Red wine and the bridal gown..oops!

I was chatting with a dear colleague today, Missy, and I shared with her an "Oh my goodness" moment from this past weekend's wedding. She encouraged me to share the story in hopes that if anyone is ever faced with the same predicament that it may save you and your bride from tears!

We had a wedding this past weekend in a beautiful venue with amazing vendors, and a fun bride and groom. It truly was a wonderful evening! (We wish you all the best, Matt and Allison!) During the evening a guest came over to hug the bride with red wine in her hand (please guests...this is really a no no).. Well, you guessed wine down the back of the bride’s gown..."OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!" One of my assistants for the evening is also a colleague (Professional Bridal Consultant), and dear friend, Julie Morgan. She and I grabbed our emergency kits and went to work. The bride’s gown looked great when we were done so I thought I would share the tricks.

We started with a cloth and dabbed the excess red wine out of the gown. We then dipped the cloth into a glass of white wine. This got quite a bit of the red stain out. Then we dipped the cloth into club soda and got almost all of it out. Of course we only dabbed, rubbing could spread the stain as well as drive it deeper into the gown. We then applied baby powder (talcum not cornstarch) this masked any faint stain that was left. When we were done you could not tell that there had been an almost catastrophe with the dreaded red wine. Don't get me wrong I love red wine, just not around a bride in a gorgeous gown!!! My suggestion: Keep talcum powder in your emergency kit.

If you have any other "save the day" tips I would LOVE to hear them! Feel free to post them =)

Warm regards,

Emily Petersen, PBC

Emily Weddings, Inc.