Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Australian Sing-Along

Today we met with another potential 2014 bride who was a bridesmaid in Lindsay and Shaun's wedding which took place last fall at the Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club in Virginia Beach - "the Australian wedding" as it is lovingly known among the members of the Emily Weddings Team.

Having never experienced a guest list made up primarily of Australians, we could've never expected the fun that was in store for the night of Lindsay and Shaun's wedding. I guess when you fly all the way across the world for a 6-hour event, you tend to take it all the way and make it worth your while. We can't even begin to explain our surprise when a certain song came on and all of the Australian men linked arms in a circle on the dance floor then immediately dropped their drawers revealing a rainbow of multi-colored and patterned men's underwear. Woah.

There may or may not have been photos taken during that performance; however, we'll keep it clean on the blog and share this one instead. The photo below shows the scene at the end of the night. Dinner was served, cake was eaten, drinks were poured, more drinks were poured, and these guests - a healthy mix of American fun and Australian rowdy - had the most amazing sing along we have ever witnessed.

Thanks go to Lindsay, Shaun, and their guests for reminding us that even when the music stops the party doesn't have to.

Grouponing for the Big Day

Welcome to the world of weddings, Groupon. Well... I guess we can't really say welcome because we all know Groupon has been involved in wedding planning since their deals started hitting smart phones and computer screens. From hair and nail appointments to honeymoons, Groupon has provided soon-to-be brides a variety of options to help ease the stress of that daunting wedding budget.

Groupon now features a new tab that makes our hearts flutter with even more wedded bliss. That tab is called "Occasions" and today, every deal listed under this tab is related to... you guessed it. Weddings.

Oh Groupon, how we love you.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorite Pins of the Week

You may be seeing some snow flurries if you're near us in Hampton Roads but we're looking forward to a warm spring and summer and a season full of weddings. (At least we're trying to think about warm weather... in hopes that the promise of sunshine can get us through these last few weeks of up and down temperatures.)

To get us in the spirit of the upcoming seasons here are some of our favorite warm-weather wedding pins of the week!

Choose-Your-Own dress/suit for the wedding party. We love the coordinated yet not so matchy-matchy look of this large wedding party and also how the variations in each person's outfit allows a little of their own personality to shine through while still highlighting the bride and groom. Not to mention, who wouldn't love the blush pink of these dresses. From theknottybride.

An outdoor ceremony is always a beautiful venue, but it's great to see that couples are also bucking tradition with the set up of their ceremony. This circle arrangement still allows the bride to walk down the "aisle" but also puts all of their guests up close to the couple as they say their "I do's". From Mywedding.

Let's face it, guys don't like wearing tuxes or suits. We know this, but we make them do it anyway.... cause they look so nice right?  If your wedding allows for a somewhat more relaxed feel, maybe we can consider letting the guys out of the hot sticky suits for the day?  We love this look of vests with rolled up sleeves. Nothing says warm weather more than rolling up your sleeves and your guys will thank you for skipping the polyester. From onetowed.

You can't have a spring or summer wedding without a good cold drink! There are so many ways to make your drink station and beverage bar unique, fun, whimsical, elegant, or just flat out awesome. The most tried and true favorite is still the signature drink. Whether it's nonalcoholic or with just a little added kick (maybe even just a flavored water?) you can make it yours with a fun name or by incorporating your favorite elements to the recipe. From hatunotblog.

Biking, or should we say "beach cruisin" is one of the basic parts of life at the Virginia Beach oceanfront and we are still waiting for that couple who will recreate this bike parade... maybe toward the after-party after the reception?  Or from the ceremony to the reception? Either way, we love it. From thebridenextdoor.

Happy pinning!