Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Costco Wedding

We've heard of one stop shopping, but finding everything down to your wedding dress right next to the grocery aisle? That's the idea! Leading bargain store Costco has now made your wedding that simple. From the flowers to the honeymoon, they have it covered.
Flowers are available in ready-to-go bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and bulk centerpieces. Whether you are planning on using roses or hydrangeas, Costco can provide fresh flowers in just about every color.

Invitations and announcements are also available at Costco. By visiting their website, Costco will direct you to a link for Wedding Paper Divas, and a large selection of beautiful invitations and announcements. All Costco members save 20%.

Kirstie Kelly, a couture wedding dress designer, has also teamed up with Costco to help brides save. Kelly has designed six couture wedding gowns for members.

"It's really about creating this concept for the brides so that she understands and knows that she's getting a high quality gown. It is a couture-styled gown. The only difference is the price," says Kelly during an interview with ABC News.

Costco even has your rings. Whether it's the bands or the engagement ring itself, select from a variety of cuts and styles to fit your personality and budget.

Costco will even take care of you after you say your "I do's." With Costco Travel, you can go just about anywhere your heart desires. From the Caribbean to France, to Bora Bora and Mexico, you are sure to find something that you love, even after you see the price tag.

How are you keeping your wedding on budget? We would love to know!


The Emily Weddings Team

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!: Military Weddings

Today, we honor all of our servicemen past, present, and future. Emily Weddings is so blessed to have worked with many military couples and we look forward to working with more! We appreciate all that you do and sacrifice for this country and we would not be the great nation that we are today if it weren't for you! And to the families of military servicemen and women, we recognize all that you sacrifice as well, and we thank you for being the rock and support for these active duty members.

In light of the holiday, we want to share some fun photos of a military wedding. We absolutely love all the details for this wedding and the couples commitment to military tradition.

Military Wedding in San Francisco via Absolutely Charmed

                  Happy Memorial Day!!

                                        The Emily Weddings Team

Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY Friday: Writing the Vows

Continuing our week dedicated to the groom, we have come to possibly the scariest part of a wedding for your man - writing the vows. Don't worry boys, we're here for you. We know you love your fiancee, but when it comes to expressing it in front of a crowd, we can see how your words might get a little scrambled. Here are 20 questions that will lead you to writing the perfect vows courtesy of The Knot.

What exactly do you say? To help you think of sentiments to include, take turns answering this list of questions. When you're done, look through your answers for the phrases that best capture your intended message and incorporate them into the structure of your vows.

What did you think when you first saw him/her? Start from the beginning -- you didn't want to go out and now you're grateful your friends dragged you out? How to use: When we met at __________, I knew __________.

When did you realize you were in love? The more specific you are able to be, the more touching the story. Was it when he helped you bring your sick puppy to the vet? How to use: I knew I was in love when ____________. Don't underestimate the power of humor. Throw in at least one more playful sentiment (When she recited Don Mattingly's RBI record...).

What do you have now that you didn't have before you met? Focus on the heart and head, not material possessions. Has she taught you to appreciate beauty differently? Has he helped you learn to savor creating a home-cooked meal? How to use: Before I met you, I ___________. Now I ___________.

How has your worldview changed? Life has likely gotten better since the two of you joined forces, so tell everyone about it. How to use: Because of you, I see the world __________. Having trouble? Think about the new things you've tried with your mate -- what have you experienced together that you never would have on your own?

What do you miss most when you're apart? This will probably be something mundane but powerful -- what about his smile first thing in the morning, or the way she puts out your lucky mug for your morning coffee? How to use: You are such a part of me that when you're gone, I __________.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? 20 years? 40 years? Go deeper than Happily married in a big house. What are your long-term hopes, dreams, and goals? How to use: I look forward to __________, laughing and __________ as we __________.

Is there a line from a movie, song, or poem that says it all? It's okay to borrow, as long as it's not too much of a cliche (we're sorry, but You complete me is suffering from overuse). Instead modify something familiar to personalize. How to use: Subtly. I watch you ________, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

Do parts of the traditional vows resonate with you? Maybe you're not so sure about the obey part, but can you really go wrong with love, cherish, and...? How to use: Try I promise to cherish and honor you ____________, but add a time frame and funny reference for levity: ...all the days of my life, especially when curled up on the couch with takeout.

Can you think of a funny or touching experience that put your partner in a new light? The way he played with your little cousin or helped your grandmother up the stairs showed you that under his macho exterior is a wittle, bitty bunny wabbit and you love him for it. How to use: When you ____________, I saw you for the _____________ person you are. And that made me want to ____________.

Is there a harrowing experience that strengthened your bond? This one rides tandem with #9. How to use: See #9.

What goals and values do you both have? Stating your common bond may just expose your inner Wordsworth. These ties -- whether your shared faith or your mutual love of wine -- will also help demonstrate why you're a perfect pair. How to use: We share ___________, so together we can ___________.

What about him/her inspires you? What is it about your fiance that you'd like to improve in yourself? What do you most respect about your partner? How to use: Your ___________ has shown me how to be___________.

What promise can you make to codify your devotion? Here's an opportunity to personalize your vows -- many couples pledge their endless love, but how many promise to take the dog out in the morning, even in the snow? How to use: I promise to always ___________.

How will you change together? You know what your goals are -- think about the steps the two of you will need to take together to reach them. How to use: I look forward to ___________ as we __________.

What metaphor (or simile) would capture your love? Think of something that describes or defines your love: Is it strong like a castle? Peaceful like a mountain stream? How to use: Our love is like a ___________ because it ___________.

Why are you entering the bond of marriage? Think about why marrying your fiance is so special. You may be surprised how the answer leads you to the perfect words. How to use: To me, marriage is ___________. With you, it's ___________.

What will keep your marriage strong? Find the bedrock of your relationship. What makes your relationship tick? Is it your resilience? Your shared sense of humor? How to use: Even when ___________, we will have ___________.

What are you most looking forward to about married life? The wedding is just the beginning. How to use: I look forward to ___________ as we embark on ___________.

What do you expect out of married life? Defining your expectations will help you make and keep promises. Think about your dreams, and what you'll have to vow to do to make them come true. How to use: I know our marriage will ___________ and I vow to ___________.

What words do you associate with love? Make a list of romantic terms so you can avoid overusing love -- too many repetitions dilute its power. How to use: My devotion/adoration/ passion is ___________.

We wish all of the grooms out there the best of luck!
Do you have any tips on writing vows? We would love to hear them!


The Emily Weddings Tem

Photo by Ira Lippke Studios, New York, NY via The Knot

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ultimate Getaway Car!

Sticking with our Groom themed posts this week, let's discuss the infamous getaway car! While some choose a classy limo or their own car, there is room for creativity here! This is one detail of a wedding that is sure to represent the bride and groom's personality to a tee! So have some fun with it!

Does your husband enjoy exotic cars or classic cars? These cars can be rented by the day and often cost just as much if not cheaper than renting a limo with a chauffeur. While your pictures will be unforgettable and your exit truly personalized, you'll have to make sure your groom has not had too much to drink. If willing, giving your husband the opportunity to drive one of these exotic or classic cars is a gift in itself. Check out Exotic Car Rentals for options and pricing. They even have a classic car selection too!

Looking for a classy automobile but don't want the ever popular limo? How about a Rolls Royce? These cars can also be rented but usually come with a chauffeur. So if you're looking to party the night away but have a dependable, classy ride to leave, the Rolls Royce might be your best option. Check out Royal Coach Limousine Company for pricing and availability.

 Opting for an eleborate getaway car might just be a gift in itself for your groom. We love the idea of personalizing your wedding and making a statement with this special detail!

**Are you making an unforgettable exit in an eleborate vehicle? Tell us about it!

                        The Emily Weddings Team

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Groomsmen Fab Finds

When it comes to picking out gifts for the groomsmen, we understand that your fiance may need a little help. That's why we have searched for some fabulous gifts for those guys that are sure to please. Enjoy!

(From left to right) Cocktail shaker by Pottery Barn, Croakies by Southern Tide, Bocce ball set by Pottery Barn, Colby leather passport holder by Pottery Barn, Saddle dopp kit by Pottery Barn, IE2 audio headphones by Bose, Whiskey by Knob Creek, Personalized cooler by Polar Bear Coolers.

(From left to right) "How to be a Gentleman" by John Bridges via Brooks Brothers, NFL glassware by Pottery Barn, Needlepoint flask by Smathers and Branson, Monogrammed cuff links by James Avery, Wayfarer sunglasses by Ray-Ban via J. Crew, Bow tie by Southern Proper, Flip flops by Vineyard Vines, Collegiate needlepoint belts by Smathers and Branson, Cigar cutter by Pottery Barn.

What are you planning on giving the guys? We want to know!


The Emily Weddings Team

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taking "The Plunge"

This week, we're embracing the Groom's role and participation in the wedding festivities. Yes ladies, he's just as important to this event as you are and his thoughts and ideas should matter! This week we've already discussed the Groom's cake and how this thoughtful detail lets your groom know you were considering him throughout the planning process. There are many aspects of the wedding day that can involve your groom, however he may not be so interested himself. Today, we're giving you the scoop on a must-see website and blog that your man can browse through at his leisure that's sure to catch his interest and put your "classy-chic" weddings ideas into "Man Code".

We've all heard of the Knot website, among many others, that provide insight and mounds of information for brides. Everything from the photos, the forums, and the categories is tailored specifically to women. Is there anything out there for guys? Matter of fact, there is! The Plunge (rather appropriately named) is completely tailored to grooms and their groomsmen. The site covers topics such as Ring Buying, Honeymoon planning, Bachelor Party planning (even an article discussing what is appropriate for a bachelor party) and anything else a man would want to know or question in regards to his wedding day. The Plunge is user friendly and very "to the point", so grooms can easily find the answers to their questions without wading through articles and articles of etiquette. Here, grooms will find timelines to keep them on track and checklists so they won't forget anything.

Not only is this website a great read for men, it's rather entertaining for women to read! Think of it as a window into the man's perspective on wedding festivities. You might just learn something new! And for the bride that's not into all the details and advice that most wedding websites and blogs have to offer, this site is for you! Many brides use this site for quick reference to steer clear of "wedding overload".  

**Check out ThePlunge.com and tell us what you think! Will you be passing along this address to your groom?

                     The Emily Weddings Team

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Groom's Cake

We love our grooms. They sit through hours of brides talking about every
little detail going into their wedding day, just to nod their heads,
smile and give the occasional, "yes dear."
Although they may not have much influence on wedding day plans,
there is one aspect of your big event where he can shine - the groom's cake.

Whether he has a hand in the design, or you are making
it a surprise, the groom's cake is sure to make your
man smile. Inspiration for the cake can come from everything
from hobbies to sports teams. Be creative!
Below are some of our favorites.

(From left to right) Michigan cake by Beryl Ann Byrd,
Just Fabulous Pastries, Photo by Jan Garcia Photography.
Alabama cake by Nina's Storybook Wedding, Photo by
Marianne Todd Photography. Chocolate Brownie cake by
Sweet Memories Bakery, Photo by Angela Scott Photography,
Asheville, NC. Doctor cake by Sweet Lisa's Exquisite Cakes,
Greenwich, CT, Photo by Karen Cunningham Photography,
Long Island City. Boston cake by Michelle's Patisserie,
Photo by Photography by Vanessa, Austin, TX. Fish cake
by Cakeism LLC, Austin, TX, Photo by SMS Photography.
Crown Royal cake by Home Bakery, Rochester MI,
Photo by Ksenija Savic Photography, Birmingham, MI.
Tennessee cake by Cakemakers Etc., Dan the Cake Man,
Chattanooga, TN, Photo by Bold Imagery by Jason Connel,
Hixson, TN. All photos via The Knot.

All cakes by Sheri's Edible Designs, Hilton Head Island

What do you have planned for your groom?

We would love to hear about it!


The Emily Weddings Team

Friday, May 20, 2011

DIY Friday!: Free Printables!

In light of today's DIY Friday, what better post is there than one that provides you with FREE, yes I said free, printables! These printables will not only save you  money, they will make your DIY projects so much easier. Everything from save-the-dates, wine labels, and favors are provided in the links below. Most wedding design/inspiration sites provide printables every so often, and sites like MarthaStewartWeddings.com are known for their extensive collection of printables for a variety of projects.

Today, we've done some of the work for you and put all these printable links into one convenient post! So enjoy and get your creativity flowing! Here's to a stress free and fun planning process!


Moustache Save the Date by Stefanie AstronautCoral + Blue Save The Date Card by Camille Chung
DIY Love Birds CD sleeve by Green Apple PaperiePersonalized Printable Wine Label by Divine by Design
Printable DIY petal cone template by I Do It YourselfCustom Cute Pink Save The Date by Crafty Folk

Mini Pillow Box Damask Collection by Posh Pixels 
Candy buffet labels by Green Apple Paperie
 All printable favors shown can be found HERE

 **Are you using printables and DIY projects throughout your wedding? Tell us how creative you are!

                          The Emily Weddings Team 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trash the Dress

You spent hours, days, even months finding the perfect wedding dress. You looked through magazines and asks friends and family for opinions. You made sure that the dress fit you like a glove. Now that the big day is over, what do you do? TRASH IT!

Trash the Dress sessions aren't for everyone. If you are the kind of person who wants to preserve your dress for future generations, or donate your dress, (which we also think is a wonderful idea!) this is not for you. If you don't like to get down and dirty, then do not proceed. But for those who want to get a little creative and out of the ordinary, this one is for you.

Sessions usually will take place outdoors on the beach, on city streets, on a farm, or anywhere else you can get dirty!

Talk to your photographer about a possible Trash the Dress session. Just make sure to schedule it after the wedding! Below we have gathered some of our favorite Trash the Dress photos for some inspiration.

Photos by:

(From left to right) Jean Pierre Uys, Jamie M. Swanson, Jackie Cooper, L Photographie, Rochester Photography, Nicole Koester Photography, Jeremy Lawson, Vantage Point Films, Humbled Eyes Photography

Are you planning on doing a Trash the Dress session? We would love to hear about it!

The Emily Weddings Team

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Couture Bridal Bouquets

A bridal bouquet is such a staple of any wedding. It should reflect the bride's personality and match the overall theme of the day. These days, brides are looking for alternatives to make every aspect of their day personalized and unexpected, not to mention saving money!

We absolutely love flowers! Who doesn't? But let's be honest, your bridal bouquet is something you'll want to save and cherish for years to come. Flowers are quick to dry up and require a lot of care and upkeep. Wouldn't it be nice to have a fantastic bouquet that will last a lifetime? We've recently fallen in love with the creative works of Emplume. Their vision for a fashion-forward, unique alternative to standard bouquets is impressive and a wonderful detail for any bride's must have list.

Everything from bouquets, garters and ring pillows are made from the finest materials and real preserved flowers and foliage. Feathers and sparkly gems are used throughout the bouquets for a whimsical and chic look. We just can't get enough of these bouquets!

photos by Nicole Ladonne Photography via Emplume.com

photos by Nicole Ladonne Photography via Emplume.com
photos by Nicole Ladonne Photography via Emplume.com
photos by Nicole Ladonne Photography via Emplume.com
**Considering an alternative to the traditional flower bouquet? What do you think of these?

                    The Emily Weddings Team

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gifts for Every Girl

We know that every girl is different, even when it comes to your bridesmaids. So we have put together some inspiration boards that might appeal to every one of the women standing up with you on your big day. Enjoy!

For the Prepster...

(From left to right) Monogrammed soaps by Marley Lilly, Beach towel by Trina Turk,
Murfee Scarves by Lilly Pulitzer, Slim card case by Tory Burch,
Pearl drop earrings by Kate Spade, Monogrammed sandals by Jack Rogers,
Printed tote by Longchamp, Monogrammed cutting board by Marley Lilly,
Needlepoint headband by Smathers and Branson.

For the City Slicker...

(From left to right) Tortoise watch by Michael Kors,
iPhone 4 cover by Diane Von Furstenberg,
Leanne messenger-style clutch in Zinnia by Hobo International,
Woven fedora by J. Crew, Umbrella by Kate Spade,
Aviator sunglasses by Tory Burch, iPad cover by Burberry,
Patterned glove by Echo

For the Free Spirit...

(From left to right) Scarf by Chan Luu,
Giraffe Recycled Tote by PaisleyMagic on Etsy,
Peace and Nature rope necklace by Gypsy 05,
Signature Tory candle by Tory Burch, Wrap bracelet by Chan Luu,
Assorted teas by Tazo, Jackie zip-up hoodie by Gypsy 05,
Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble


The Emily Weddings Team