Friday, February 26, 2010

A couples love story told in the favors

So I have a dear friend who is getting married this summer in Florida. She and her fiance are both chefs. I just love their theme and I wanted to share it with all of you! Early on in their relationship they had a discussion on what spice best described them. The bride chose red pepper and the groom chose cumin. This is a part of their love story and they have decided to share it with the guests at their wedding. For their favors they are mixing up a spice rub that will have the predominate flavors of red pepper and cumin. SO FUN! In carrying this theme throughout their wedding they have chosen to have the flowers contain fresh herbs. The fragrance will be breathtaking. Their wedding is tailored to who they are as a couple and because of all of these personal touches their wedding will be unforgettable! Make sure that your love story and your theme carries throughout your entire wedding and it will be a day to remember.

Quick wedding tip: If your reception or event is outdoors then you might get those pesky flies bothering you and the food. Flies hate the smell of bay leaves. Make sure to place beautiful displays of bay leaves around each table and near the food and they should leave you alone!

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