Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Escort cards that double as favors

Trying to find ways to save money while not compromising on the beauty and feel of your wedding day? A great way to to do this is to have your escort cards double as favors. Think about ways to incorporate your style, theme, and colors into your favors and have them double as the seating cards.

I had one bride and groom choose a plane-shaped luggage tag. They placed each guest's name inside the tag. It was their escort card and favor. He flies in the Navy, and they had their ceremony and reception at the Military Aviation Museum. It was so perfect...so fitting for them.

I have another bride who is getting married next March, and she LOVES the spring! One of her colors is pink. She likes the idea of giving her guests a flower and thus is looking at escort cards that the guests can plant later and watch grow into cherry blossoms. Click here to see the escort cards/favors.

There are plenty of ways to make your budget stretch. Planners are perfect for knowing all the little ways to add to the look of your wedding without adding to the cost. Don't settle for less than what you've always dreamed of; have a planner guide you through all of these decisions!

Emily Petersen

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