Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A "Something Blue" Hue

Traditionally, wedding gowns are found in various shades of white, ivory, and creams. It symbolizes purity and brides have long followed this tradition. Some brides, however, have taken a more unique or expressive approach in regards to the color of their gown. Whether it's simply a pop of color on a white dress or the dress itself is a color other than white, brides are taking the leap and straying from the norm to truly make their wedding gowns a statement on the big day.

Alfred Angelo has made the transition from traditional white dresses to more modern, color infused dresses desirable for some brides. With options to color coordinate in style and color between bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, incorporating your wedding's color scheme into the attire has never been easier.

Even the most simplistic of gowns can be transformed into a gorgeous and elegant eye-catcher with the addition of a colored bow.

Recently, we've seen a new trend in bridal gowns that doesn't just feature a pop of color...the entire dress is a different color! How could we forget celebrity Gwen Stefani in her gorgeous pink gown! She truly set the tone for colored wedding dresses and took tradition by the horns.

Now, we're seeing not pink dresses, but blue dresses! What a way to fulfill your something blue! These blue hues are making a statement in the bridal fashion industry.

**What do you think of a blue wedding gown? Would you sport the blue hue on your wedding day?

The Emily Weddings Team

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1. Alfred Angelo
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