Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Must See!!: Mobile Wedding App

We just had to share this incredibly wonderful idea! We couldn't be more thrilled that someone finally thought of pairing the mobile app world with weddings. For years, brides have looked for ways to better inform their wedding guests of their upcoming nuptials. Invitations have always been a traditional and formal route, but leave little room for more detailed information (directions, travel suggestions, hotel bookings etc.) Now, thanks to Appy Couple, a mobile app will soon be available for brides everywhere!

This mobile app will allow brides to update their wedding apps at any time, ensuring their guests have the most up-to-date information available. Brides can also add photos, related events, and news regarding the big day. It's important to build anticipation for your wedding and this app will absolutely do just that for any of your tech savvy guests. The app is not quite available yet, but sign-up early for FREE access, yes you heard correctly...FREE!

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  1. It is the very nice wedding app and very useful for the wedding planning peoples. Keep it up and carry on your good work.

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