Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Australian Sing-Along

Today we met with another potential 2014 bride who was a bridesmaid in Lindsay and Shaun's wedding which took place last fall at the Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club in Virginia Beach - "the Australian wedding" as it is lovingly known among the members of the Emily Weddings Team.

Having never experienced a guest list made up primarily of Australians, we could've never expected the fun that was in store for the night of Lindsay and Shaun's wedding. I guess when you fly all the way across the world for a 6-hour event, you tend to take it all the way and make it worth your while. We can't even begin to explain our surprise when a certain song came on and all of the Australian men linked arms in a circle on the dance floor then immediately dropped their drawers revealing a rainbow of multi-colored and patterned men's underwear. Woah.

There may or may not have been photos taken during that performance; however, we'll keep it clean on the blog and share this one instead. The photo below shows the scene at the end of the night. Dinner was served, cake was eaten, drinks were poured, more drinks were poured, and these guests - a healthy mix of American fun and Australian rowdy - had the most amazing sing along we have ever witnessed.

Thanks go to Lindsay, Shaun, and their guests for reminding us that even when the music stops the party doesn't have to.

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