Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meeting the Team: Emily Petersen

Emily got her start in weddings through singing. "I had been in or sung in over 50 weddings before I started planning them." She was a singer at Walt Disney World for 5 1/2 years in the Tarzan Rocks show at Animal Kingdom so music is in her blood.

She started working with ceremonies and music and it just grew from there. "I had seen when things had gone right and when they had gone wrong, and I really wanted everyone to have the wedding of their dreams without stress." Having worked at Disney really influenced her desire to conduct a smooth event while at the same time giving any girl what she has dreamed's the combination that truly makes for a magical day...Disney really rubbed off on her!

Emily moved from Orlando, Florida to Virginia Beach, Virginia when she met the love of her life. (Cue the awwww's.) Emily and Tim got married in Virginia Beach in 2005 and she has called it home ever since.

Tim is a doctor at Norfolk General (finishing up his residency). They have two amazing sons Sammy, who is 5, and Miles who is 2 1/2. Emily still gets her singing in during church, she is part of the worship band at Crosscurrent Church.

"Emily Weddings has grown beyond my wildest dreams. We immerse ourselves in our bride's vision and in her day, and as word has spread about our weddings we truly have been blessed with more and more brides." Emily is grateful for the talented women of the Emily Weddings Team. "We each bring something so different to the table and we are so much better because of each other."

What are your favorite wedding colors?
"Most importantly I love that a couple translates their personality in the colors and decor that they choose. I love timeless colors, and I love trendy choices. I love colors that accent a season from bright summery colors, soft spring tones, warm fall hues, and the vast combinations of winter shades...I love it all!"

What is your favorite wedding tradition?
"I love the first dance. Getting to see the bride and groom finally take a moment to breathe and to look into each other's eyes as husband and wife is so special. It really is a great moment at each wedding we do!"

What is your favorite part of a wedding?
"I love all of it, but what really drives me is at the end of the day seeing how relaxed and how much fun the bride and groom had. Knowing that they didn't have to worry about the details and that they really got to revel in one of the best days of their lives."

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