Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bride-to-Be Slim Down

As we count down the days to the Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton has taken on the nickname "Skinny Kate." It is perfectly normal for brides-to-be to slim down before the big day whether it's from dieting or just from nerves.

But when your wedding is a few months away, how can a bride start to shape up? The Knot gives brides these five weight loss tips:

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1. Drink Water. Skip the diet soda and start getting your fill on water. Besides being good for you, water helps your body get rid of toxins, and constant sipping can help keep you from over-snacking. So grab a bottle you can tote around with you and figure out how many refills you'll need to get your daily fill. Eight glasses a day is a good round number, but the amount of water your body requires is really based on your weight. How much do you need? Divide your weight in half. The resulting number equals the ounces of water you should be drinking every day.

2. Slim Down Servings

Gargantuan servings are one of the main calorie culprits of weight gain. Start with small portions and take more only if you're still hungry. Experts even suggest that it's better to eat four or five small meals with moderate portions throughout the day than to have two or three large meals.

Fill Up On Fruits and Veggies

If you fill up on fruit and vegetables every day, you'll have less room for more fattening treats. To keep your snacks interesting, find a good produce store where you can pick and choose from more than just carrots and celery sticks. Stash some exotic fruit in your bag for when you're running errands or at work. While you're at it, buy a good knife to make prep work on fruits and veggies painless and quick.

Cut Back on Booze

A celebratory drink can cost you 150 calories or more. And that's if you only have one! Even if you're in the habit of having just a few drinks a week, cutting back on alcohol can save you hundreds of calories in the end. Save the cocktails for the special occasions coming up and sip water instead.


Yes, this is an obvious one. But seriously -- do something (anything!) to get moving. Twenty minutes of exercise a day will do wonders to boost your energy and kick-start the calorie burning process. Walk to the grocery store, take the stairs at work, or at least do a few laps of window shopping in your local mall. If you're serious about shedding inches, aim to do 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming) three or four days a week. Get a six-month workout regimen here.

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