Monday, April 18, 2011

Creative and Memorable Guest Books

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The guest book at a wedding is probably up there on the list of important "must haves". What else do you take home with you? Sure there will be memories and hopefully fantastic photos for you to look at years down the road, but what about your guests? Did they have fun? Did Aunt Gina get a chance to congratulate you both amidst the hectic schedule of the night? Having an accessible guest book gives everyone in attendance the opportunity to wish you the best and congratulate the happily married couple! (It also serves as a good record of who actually attended your wedding <---as usually people build their official address book from this list, did you know that?)

While working a wedding this past weekend, I couldn't help but notice the bride and groom's guest book. This particular couple took their engagement photos and had them compiled into a "coffee table" like book. Inside this book contained their absolutely adorable engagement photos along with a generous margin along the sides for their guests to write on. I loved it! Forget the classic guest book, with boring lines and that way overdone feather pen. Get creative and sentimental with your guest book!   

Here are a few other ideas for a guest book (if you’re not fond of the "book" idea)

Celebration Plates

1. A Ceramic Platter-guests will sign this decorative platter with a special pen. The platter can later be mounted on your wall or displayed in your china cabinet for years to come!
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2. Matted Photograph of the Couple- This photo is surrounded by a sturdy mat, giving your guests ample room to sign around.

3. (Our favorite!!)  A Wedding Tree- Guests can leave their thumbprint on your wedding tree and sign their names next to it! What a creative and artsy way for your guests to leave a little "imprint" on your special day! = )

**What kind of guest book will you be using at your wedding? Tell us about it!
                         The Emily Weddings Team

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