Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Royal Wedding on a Budget
Now, here's something we all can relate to...saving money! Who doesn't want to these days?  And what better time than your wedding! In light of the upcoming royal nuptials, many brides might be inspired by the wedding's elegant and timeless feel. They will not, however, be more inclined to spend an upwards of $48 million dollars on their wedding! So how does a bride on a budget achieve the same elegant aspects of her wedding without breaking the bank?
While your wedding is a rather costly expense, it doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket or your parents. These ideas will cut costs in the most simplistic ways without compromising the overall effect of your wedding (and that's the important part!)
1. Extend your engagement. A longer planning period means a better chance of getting the best vendors in your price range. Plus, you can typically lock in rates that might increase by the time your wedding date arrives. Extending your engagement allows the bride and groom to allocate expenses effectively overtime and find exactly what their looking for.
2. Imbibe wisely. Many sites offer consumption bars (you pay for the liquor your guests drink) or open bars (a flat fee per guest). If your invitees are light drinkers, a consumption bar will save you cash. On another note: Make sure you trust the establishment tallying drinks. When considering which packaged bar will work best for your wedding, simply think your guests. The last thing you want is a surprise balance at the end of the night for an unexpected amount of drink consumption.
3. Avoid a Saturday night soiree. Wedding pros charge their highest fees for parties that are held on this evening. If you're willing to move your event to a Friday or Sunday night, you'll probably get lower rates-and even better ones for a weeknight wedding. The same goes to your individual vendors.
4. Marry in the off-season. Prime party times are from May to October in most parts of the country. If you instead plan your nuptials for January, for instance, you'll have a better chance of finding vendors who will drop their rates. Vendors are always looking for jobs throughout the year, and while wedding season is the most prosperous for them, they still do business in the off-season. Not to mention, it may be easier to find a particular vendor for your wedding date.
5. Steer clear of holidays. A Valentine's Day wedding will mean higher costs for flowers-and for nuptials on New Year's Eve, your site may charge you overtime rates for staffing. If you are planning a destination wedding, consider travel costs during the holiday season as well as hotel room rates, as all will be affected.
6. Shop strategically. When searching for a gown within your budget, avoid luxe materials and embellishments. Instead, go for textured fabrics like silk organza, crinkled silk and silk faille, which look and feel more expensive than they are. Word to the wise, only ask to see gowns in your budget and don't deviate. There are many beautiful dresses by very talented designers but falling in love with the gown and not the price is such a disappointment.
7. Inquire about freebies. Yes, it's okay to ask! Some sites include a cake, flowers or a honeymoon suite in wedding packages. They, of course, won't mention it if you don't ask, but there are freebies out there! Do your research before inquiring at a particular venue.
8. Pick a multipurpose venue. If you use one site for the ceremony and reception, you'll save on site fees and won't have to pay for transportation to both spots. While this isn't always possible for couples, it is a big money saver on site related costs. Some venues will even waive the site fee if you plan on hosting your reception there as well. They can also discount reception costs or include freebies for the bride and groom.

These are just a few way to cut costs on your wedding budget without sacrificing the overall look and feel of your wedding. And the money that you do save can contribute to a honeymoon that's truly fit for royalty!

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How do you plan on saving money on your wedding? We want to hear about it!


          The Emily Weddings Team

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