Friday, April 29, 2011

History in the Making: The Royal Wedding

The day has come! Prince William and, now, Princess Kate are man and wife and their wedding day could not have been more perfect! From the start of the ceremony affairs and processional of honorable guests, the anticipation for the arrival of the bride grew with intensity. All were anxious to see the mysterious gown and catch a glimpse of history truly in the making.

There were many aspects of today's royal wedding that stood out for many of us, whether it be Princess Kate's unforgettable ride to Westminster Abbey with her father, or her 4 minute walk down the Abbey's aisle. The whole day just seemed magical and truly was the epitome of elegance. Her dress, designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen was tasteful yet flattering. Her poise and subtleness is that of a future Queen. Her small bouquet, although understated but manageable, was meaningful containing Lily of the Valley, Stephanotis blossoms and a sprig of Myrtle for good luck (a royal tradition). And her tiara, an 18th birthday present of Queen Elizabeth's, was classic and regal.
 Details from the Day:
    1. Rumor has it that Princess Kate wore flats for her 4 minute walk down the aisle. While most brides do this for the reception, Princess Kate made a wise decision for a very long and memorable walk.
    2. "You may not kiss the Bride"? Yes, Prince William and Princess Kate did not share a first kiss as man and wife within the walls of Westminster Abbey as the church is hallowed ground and a kiss is serious business for royalty. A kiss must be done tastefully and at the most appropriate times.
    3. William did not watch his Bride come down the aisle like most grooms do. This tradition fits rather appropriately for the couple as they represent an even and fair marriage. We know Princess Kate did not vow to "obey" William, like Diana, and a good majority of their relationship ideologies were apparent throughout the ceremony. William would not see his Bride until she was at his side, very representative of their outlook on marriage.
     4. Diana was remembered and very much apart of the day's events whether it was through the engagement ring, special hymns performed during the ceremony, it was even noted that just before Princess Kate entered Westminster Abbey a burst of sunlight broke through the overcast skies, as if to signify Diana's presence.

There is no doubt that today's event will forever be remembered in history. And many that watched this wedding, young and old, will reminisce for years to come.

Of all of today's memorable events, we want to hear your favorite! Likes, dislike, tell us about it! Be detailed as your comments will help create an inspiration board reflecting the royal wedding that future brides might use to create their dream day! = )

              The Emily Weddings Team

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