Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY Friday!!: Photobooths

TGIF! In honor of this wonderful day of the week, we're giving you an incredible DIY project that's sure to be the talk of your wedding. We've all seen photo the malls, at carnivals, but photo booths have become a fun activity for guests to enjoy while attending your wedding. And they've definitely come a long way from red velvet curtains and about a 3x3 space!

Photo booths have definitely evolved, and now some photographers are offering them as an added service!
What exactly are these "new and improved" photo booths all about? We'll let the pictures do all the talking...  

Ellsworth Photography

Kiss the Groom

Via Swanky Tables, by Studio Booth

Photo by Pure Photography by Lindsey    

 How incredible are these photos!? And how amazing would it be to have these fun photos of your wedding guests? Now, you're probably wondering how do I get an incredible backdrop for a fun photo booth!? Hold on to your seats just might be trying out your skills in carpentry (or just ask your wonderful fiancee for help!)

  •     By using either plywood or an actual piece of drywall (which would probably work better), you're going to literally fashion it to look like you plucked it from your own home. Wallpaper, woodwork, however you'd like it to look. I personally love the damask wallpaper used in one of the photos. It makes the backdrop really pop!

  • You can use flea market picture frames to line the walls. I'd suggest placing the frames where you'd like them before cutting holes into your drywall.

  •  Be sure to include support beams for your backdrop!

**After you've successfully built your photo booth backdrop, don't forget the props! Props are a fun way to lighten up anyone's mood while taking pictures in your photo booth. Encourage guests to use them and enjoy the results!
 ***Thinking about using a photo booth for your wedding? Tell us your ideas!

                             The Emily Weddings Team

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  1. I love this idea. The first photobooth I saw at a wedding was one I worked in 2009 with As You Wish and immediately fell in love with it as an unique guest book idea. This just puts it over the top.