Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ultimate Showdown!: Cupcakes vs. Wedding Cakes

Cupcakes! We've all seen the specialty "cupcakeries" and the endless shows on TV, but just what is the new obsession with cupcakes all about? Cupcakes have been around for a long time, and most of us remember eating them as kids or making a mess in the kitchen as we decorated them. Cupcakes have wiggled their way into the limelight of the wedding industry, and we couldn't be more fond of this sweet treat!

Cupcakes have recently become the new alternative to traditional wedding cakes for many brides and grooms. And with the seemingly endless options for decorations and flavors, there is plenty of room for customization. Much like wedding cakes, whose canvas for design is always being taken to new heights, these decadent desserts are making their statement at a front table.

So which is the better option? We're breaking down both based on style and affordability in this week's showdown!


      There truly is something so whimsical and fun about cupcakes. You can't escape it! It's a staple from many of our childhood memories. If your wedding reception's sole theme is fun and carefree, then cupcakes are the perfect addition. On the other hand, if your wedding is a bit more formal and traditional, cupcakes might look a bit cheap and understated next to the traditional grand wedding cake. Both can be decorated to suit your wedding's theme and feel. So who wins in the style category?
Cupcakes: If fun and a carefree attitude is important to have at your wedding, cupcakes are the way to go!
Wedding cake: If your wedding is to be a grand affair, a wedding cake might be more appropriate. Let's not forget the symbolic importance of the wedding cake. The last thing you want to do is lose sight of your beautiful cake at the reception because it's either non-existent or just doesn't stand out.


When cupcakes were first introduced to the wedding industry, they were the cheaper more cost efficient alternative to the traditional grand wedding cake. It was soon apparent that bakers would have to put just as much work into cupcakes, if not more work, as a regular cake! Each one has to be iced and decorated and sometimes cupcake stands need to be purchased, as most bakers will only have cake stands.
   On the other hand, it is easier for a non-professional baker to make cupcakes than an elaborate 8-tiered masterpiece. The simplicity alone will save you money. There are other variables that add to the cost of cupcakes however:
 WINNER: In the end, choosing to do memorable and extravagant cupcakes might cost you just as much as an unforgettable wedding cake. You'll just need to decide which is the better fit for your reception theme.

** Are you thinking about using cupcakes for your reception instead of a traditional wedding cake? We want to hear the details!! = )

                                 The Emily Weddings Team

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