Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ultimate Getaway Car!

Sticking with our Groom themed posts this week, let's discuss the infamous getaway car! While some choose a classy limo or their own car, there is room for creativity here! This is one detail of a wedding that is sure to represent the bride and groom's personality to a tee! So have some fun with it!

Does your husband enjoy exotic cars or classic cars? These cars can be rented by the day and often cost just as much if not cheaper than renting a limo with a chauffeur. While your pictures will be unforgettable and your exit truly personalized, you'll have to make sure your groom has not had too much to drink. If willing, giving your husband the opportunity to drive one of these exotic or classic cars is a gift in itself. Check out Exotic Car Rentals for options and pricing. They even have a classic car selection too!

Looking for a classy automobile but don't want the ever popular limo? How about a Rolls Royce? These cars can also be rented but usually come with a chauffeur. So if you're looking to party the night away but have a dependable, classy ride to leave, the Rolls Royce might be your best option. Check out Royal Coach Limousine Company for pricing and availability.  
 Opting for an eleborate getaway car might just be a gift in itself for your groom. We love the idea of personalizing your wedding and making a statement with this special detail!

**Are you making an unforgettable exit in an eleborate vehicle? Tell us about it!

                        The Emily Weddings Team

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