Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taking "The Plunge"

This week, we're embracing the Groom's role and participation in the wedding festivities. Yes ladies, he's just as important to this event as you are and his thoughts and ideas should matter! This week we've already discussed the Groom's cake and how this thoughtful detail lets your groom know you were considering him throughout the planning process. There are many aspects of the wedding day that can involve your groom, however he may not be so interested himself. Today, we're giving you the scoop on a must-see website and blog that your man can browse through at his leisure that's sure to catch his interest and put your "classy-chic" weddings ideas into "Man Code".

We've all heard of the Knot website, among many others, that provide insight and mounds of information for brides. Everything from the photos, the forums, and the categories is tailored specifically to women. Is there anything out there for guys? Matter of fact, there is! The Plunge (rather appropriately named) is completely tailored to grooms and their groomsmen. The site covers topics such as Ring Buying, Honeymoon planning, Bachelor Party planning (even an article discussing what is appropriate for a bachelor party) and anything else a man would want to know or question in regards to his wedding day. The Plunge is user friendly and very "to the point", so grooms can easily find the answers to their questions without wading through articles and articles of etiquette. Here, grooms will find timelines to keep them on track and checklists so they won't forget anything.

Not only is this website a great read for men, it's rather entertaining for women to read! Think of it as a window into the man's perspective on wedding festivities. You might just learn something new! And for the bride that's not into all the details and advice that most wedding websites and blogs have to offer, this site is for you! Many brides use this site for quick reference to steer clear of "wedding overload".  

**Check out ThePlunge.com and tell us what you think! Will you be passing along this address to your groom?

                     The Emily Weddings Team

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