Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Southern Love Through Devastation

We all remember the horrific news that plagued our television screens all last week about the historic string of tornadoes that hit the south. Cities like Tuscaloosa were hit the hardest, bringing much of the cities infrastructure to the ground and leaving little hope for many. Here at Emily Weddings, our hearts and prayers go out to each and every family who has lost a loved one or their livelihood.

While reading through some of my favorite blogs, I couldn't help but notice a post about a soon-to-be bride planning a "Southern Heirloom" wedding who had been collecting little items along the way for her DIY wedding. Everything from her wedding jewelery to her red wedding boots was lost in the Tuscaloosa tornado! Her name is Martha, and amongst all of her possessions were these special items that she was saving for her very special day.

Please watch this special message from Kelly McWilliams..

Help Our Southern Heirloom Bride from iheART Films on Vimeo.

More from Kelly:

The images in the video are real, and they are 1st hand images from what is left of her home. Her wedding jewelery, to her red wedding boots, to the ladies handkerchiefs and doilies she had been collecting were all taken away with the Tuscaloosa Tornado.

First, if you can, please donate to the American Red Cross. There are so many thousands of people who need shelter, support, and food. Secondly, if you have the ability to help us to create Martha’s Southern Heirloom wedding and be some light in the midst of this tragedy, we would love to have your help. I know how amazingly generous the wedding industry is, and this is hopefully a way we can all reach out and make one brides wedding wonderful despite the devastation.

Here are the “southern” items we are looking to gather and/or replace for her summer wedding:
Mason Jars
Vintage Handkerchiefs
Tin or Galvanized Buckets
Dried Hydrangea
Watering Cans
Lanterns (Metal, Glass & Paper)
Wooden Wedding Signs
Cloth Doilies
Blue Ribbon
Cast Iron Skillets
Small Iron Buckets
Woven Baskets
Lace Panels & Antique Linens
Water Jars
Hay Stacks
Antique Silver platters
Vintage Hankies
Antique vases
Vintage Chargers
Blue & White Bandanas

Items can be sent to:
Weddings by Socialites
Attn: Southern Heirloom Wedding
5971 Silver King Blvd, No. 207
Cape Coral, FL 33914

Please be sure to include your name and return address so that we can offer a proper southern thank you.
For more information, please feel free to contact us by email Info{at}

Martha is busy helping rebuild Tuscaloosa. While she’s doing that, let’s help her out and rebuild Martha’s wedding!

[Please feel free to repost this on your own blog, Twitter, or Facebook! We need all the help we can get to rebuild Martha's wedding!] 

** I know I'll be trying to contribute whatever I can to Martha. No one should have to give up their dream day to a natural disaster and with all of our help...they won't have to. = )

                           The Emily Weddings Team

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