Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Honeymooning on a Budget

For the bride on a budget, you may have already found crafty ways to save money on your upcoming wedding. Whether you're taking on DIY projects or just plain going without, there's another way to save money on your wedding festivities all around. While most newlyweds venture off on a honeymoon, few consider their trip into the budget. We say, "Why Not?" If you and your hubby are considering a honeymoon but you're not quite sure how to pay for it, there are ways to save money without skimping.

Honeymoon Registry

Yes! you can register for you honeymoon! Sites such as Honeymoon Wishes, and The Honeymoon are set up specifically for couples to "register" for their honeymoon of choice. Instead of coffee makers and glassware, give your guests the opportunity to contribute to your perfect honeymoon getaway. Guests can search these sites for your registry and put money towards your trip is a gift. In addition, there are no set-up fees, and the site will even keep track of who has contributed to your honeymoon so you can write thank you cards.

Groupon Getaways

Most of us are familiar with Groupon and the many outstanding offers they advertise on their site. Recently, members can sign up to receive Groupon Getaways which include vacation deals so cheap, you just can't help but purchase them! These deals include vacation packages all over the world from all-inclusive resorts to amazing 5-star hotels! Not sure where to honeymoon? Leave it up to chance! Be spontaneous! Let the deals on Groupon influence you with their hard to resist prices!

Ask Questions...

Have you already booked your honeymoon or you've already decided exactly where you want to go? It helps to ask questions when booking or upon arrival. Believe it or not, some hotels and resorts offer discounts and deals to newlyweds! They won't advertise these deals, you have to ask for them. It never hurts to inquire when booking travel plans for honeymoons. More often than not you'll find that people are willing to give you a deal simply because you're a newlywed! Even airlines, upon availability, will bump you to first class simply because you're a newlywed. So ask questions...it's not being cheap or frugal. Honeymoons are a privilege, and if you can afford to go on one, make it the best it can be!

**How are you planning on saving money? Did you get an upgrade or a special deal simply because you were a newlywed? Share your tips and info here for current and future brides!

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