Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Than Just a Signature

We know that buying a plain old guest book for signatures is easy, but it's a little, well, plain! There are so many options on how to get creative with documenting the friends and family that attend your big event. Here are a few inspiring ideas that we just love!

1. Display a calendar and have your guests sign their name on their birthdate. That way you know who showed up, AND when to send them a birthday card! 2. Guests write their well wishes on wine corks for a Tuscan-themed wedding. 3. A photographer takes photos of guests after they write their own message on a chalkboard. 4. The couple made use of an old dictionary for guests to go through and circle words that applied to the big day. 5. A sign is placed in front of a "tip jar" for guests to give their best advice for a happy marriage. 6. A vintage typewriter is ready for guests to fill in their messages for the couple. 7. Guests write their notes on a pair of skis to go along with a winter wedding.

1. A large version of an invitation is framed and matted for guests to sign. 2. The couple had everyone sign a record version of their first dance song with a metallic paint pen. 3. Signed guest book plates make for a great addition to your home decor long after the wedding. 4. The couple invites the guests to doodle and draw in their guest book with the markers and pens provided. 5. Colorado postcards are displayed for the guests to write their messages. The couple read them on the plane ride to their honeymoon! 6. Notes are written on puzzle pieces to later be reassembled and framed. 7. A guest book version of Mad Libs entertains guests.

Are you getting creative with your guest book? We would love to hear about it!

The Emily Weddings Team

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