Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene made its presence known to practically everyone along the East coast. Now that she's gone and sunny skies have emerged, we here at Emily Weddings can't help but count our lucky stars that we did not have any weddings this past weekend. But believe it or not, there were weddings that did in fact take place during this crazy weekend, even if Hurricane Irene threatened to postpone it all.

Meet Erica Sternin Weiss. This bride was faced with the ultimate wedding nightmare. She and her now husband, Brett Weiss, had the ultimate face-off with Irene herself and made some worthwhile and game changing decisions just hours before Irene was expected to make landfall. After realizing that their Saturday wedding in New Rochelle, NY would not be taking place, the couple made a last minute decision. They had a rehearsal dinner planned for Friday night at Elmwood Country Club in White Plains, NY, and managed to coordinate with the club to be married that night! Within hours, they managed to find an officiant and called all guests to attend. With a makeshift bouquet of hydrangeas and music playing from a laptop, Erica made her way down the aisle and began the festivities of her perfect wedding day.

Inclement weather can have drastic effects on any special event or wedding. It's important to always have a back-up plan in case weather threatens to postpone your event. When choosing a wedding date, be mindful of any associated weather that comes with the season. If you live in the southeast, consider the chance of hurricanes. And if you live in the north, then you're already aware of the issues that can arise from snow storms. Always be prepared and consider the 'what-ifs". See our post on Wedding Insurance.

**Do you know of someone whose wedding was almost cancelled altogether due to weather? How did they, or their planners, continue to keep the event as scheduled?


The Emily Weddings Team

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