Monday, August 1, 2011

He Registered For What?...

A wedding registry is one important task on any planning checklist. It gives a couple the opportunity to register or "request" specific items that may or may not be necessary to begin a marriage and furnish a new life/home. For many brides, the usual kitchen utensils or appliances, china, flatware even home decor are enough to overwhelm any registry list. For grooms, Mikasa and Waterford are meaningless names in a sea of "I don't cares". And to be perfectly honest, it's quite normal for a man to shutter at the thought of spending his entire afternoon parading through aisles of home decor and linen.

We've all heard the story...a couple creates a registry, the bride usually controls what items are ultimately scanned for the list, but the groom would rather find enjoyment scanning random and miscellaneous items just for the fun of it. In the end, the bride may or may not realize what her hubby-to-be has done until it's too late...Items can include (but are in NO WAY limited to...)

Toilet Paper....lots and lots of it...


That sweet Margarita machine..(while amazing, it's very expensive and a little unorthodox)

Motor Oil...

Condoms..(yes, it does happen)

Books for Advice (such as.."How to Deal With Your Crazy In-Laws!")

Overall, it's important to keep it classy. Believe it or not, people make judgements about a relationship based off of the items registered (it truly says a lot about a person's priorities). It's important to figure out what you "need" as a couple and what you would just "like" to have. And if you're going to let your honey hold the may want to double check the registry print out = )

** We love hearing about funny items that "just happened" to wind up on your registry. = ) Share your funny stories here!

The Emily Weddings Team

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  1. My friends husband put Goldfish crackers on their registry. It became such a big joke they ended up using the mini containers on their tables at the wedding.