Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something Borrowed & Something Extraordinary!

You've heard the timeless phrase.."Something borrowed, something blue" and for decades brides have followed this age old tradition. Sometimes, however, finding the items to fulfill this tradition are harder to come by than you originally thought. You're in luck! Today, we'd like to introduce you to a site that actually lets brides borrow or rent designer bridal accessories for a fraction of the retail price! Featured designers include Justine M. Couture, Enchanted Atelier, and Stephanie Browne.

For the classy and sophisticated bride who just wants to wear exquisite pieces on her wedding day, but would never dream of actually purchasing these pieces or wearing them ever again, Something Borrowed NY is your saving grace. While their collection isn't extremely extensive, the items featured are gorgeous!! Accessories from veils, jewelry, and headpieces/adornments  are all available for your borrowing pleasure. Not only will you look fabulous on your special day, but you can fulfill the "something borrowed'" tradition and keep your wallet happy.

**Are you planning on borrowing an item for your wedding day? What items do you think are most sentimental for a bride to borrow?

The Emily Weddings Team

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Something Borrowed NY

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