Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY Friday: The Kids Table

If you are planning on children attending your wedding,
our one piece of advice is to keep them entertained. A great way to do this is
by having a kids table at your reception. A kids table is not only a place for
the young ones to eat, but a place to keep them entertained and busy while the
parents enjoy themselves. Kids tables can be done many ways, but you don't need
to spend tons of money to make it look good.
Here's a little inspiration and DIY for the kiddos.

This bride placed small suitcases filled with goodies for the children attending
the wedding. By filling it with crayons, stickers and small toys, they were entertained throughout dinner. Giving them paper place mats gives them a place to color.

Instead of including the children with the rest of the escort cards,
make finding their spot fun with name tags on lollipops that coordinate
with your wedding colors.

For a relaxed, backyard bash, put out picnic blankets with pre-made snack boxes.
Use stamps to label the boxes with the guests' names.
Put out some bubbles for entertainment!

Waiting for the cake cutting could make the kids a little anxious. If they need
a sweet treat earlier, put out doughnuts and milk in carafes with fun straws.
Be sure to place flattened cupcake liners between the layers of doughnuts
so they don't stick together.

Cover the top of the table in paper for more space to color and draw.
If you have some favors for the kids, wrap them and label them with their names.
Who doesn't love to open a present?

Create a game of "I Spy" in your wedding colors. Place it next to some disposable cameras to allow the kids to catch a few picture perfect moments of their own.

The over-sized balloons make it easy to find the kids table.

Create a fun and colorful centerpiece with candy for the kids.

Make their dinner fun too by printing a sticker to go on top of their personalized pizza box.

Some candy, Silly Sludge, bouncy balls and slinkies are tucked away
inside metal tins at the table.

After dinner, kids can get a little sleepy. Putting some pillows and blankets by the kids table allow for some down time. Plus, how cute is that bucket?!

What are you planning for your kids table? We would love to know!

The Emily Weddings Team

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