Friday, June 17, 2011

DIY Friday!!: Doily Chandelier

TGIF!! And we have another crafty but gorgeous DIY project for all of you "go-getter" brides out there! Are you planning a stylish and romantic wedding with whimsical DIY touches? Today's DIY project comes to us courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings. We absolutely love this chandelier! Made from paper doilies, this creative centerpiece truly stands on its own. It's simplistic, eye-catching, but chic.
Here's the low-down on this amazing DIY centerpiece:

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Paper doilies can add high drama (without the schmaltz) and stylish elegance (without the stuffiness) to your reception tables.
Create this chandelier with a waterfall of ruffles out of doilies for a visual high. Make garlands, and tie to a large and a small wreath form. Hang with ribbon, placing the smaller ring lower than the larger. (Use pushpins or adhesive hooks to secure to ceiling.) 24- and 12-inch doublerail wreath rings, Maine Wreath Co.

1. Fold 4-inch doilies in half twice. Open them, and scrunch them up a little at the center to give them the ruffled appearance of flowers. 
2. Thread flowers onto yarn to make strands 12 to 16 inches long, and tie to wreath. Attach extra flowers to wire with double-sided tape to fill in gaps.

***Are you testing out your creative side for your wedding? Tell us all about your DIY project ideas! 

                    The Emily Weddings Team

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

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