Thursday, June 9, 2011

In the Heat of the Night...Let There Be Cake (Still)

Summer is absolutely upon us! With the ever increasing temperatures and blazing sun, there are a few considerations to make when planning a summer wedding. This week we've discussed some tough flowers that will withstand scorching temperatures and steps you can take to ensure your flowers are hydrated throughout the day. Along with flowers, there's another detail to consider for a summer wedding (especially if your wedding is outside)...the cake!

Your wedding cake is most certainly the showpiece of the reception. And every bride has envisioned what their cake might look like, right down to the detailed borders and intricate fondant work. Here are a few tips that every bride should know when dreaming up their perfect summer wedding cake!

1. Choose Your Frosting Wisely- So you have a sweet spot for buttercream and you think it would be perfect for your cake...think again. The word "Buttercream" during the summer months is most always followed by groans and moans of "oh no!" Buttercream, while incredibly tasty, is vulnerable to the summer heat and will melt. Especially if you've planned for intricate piping and designs with buttercream, the heat will ruin it and cause the frosting to run and drip. Fondant is the most acceptable choice for a summer cake. And if you just can't see your wedding cake covered in fondant, find out if your reception location can store your cake inside, or in a cooler until about 30 minutes before you plan on cutting it.

2. Protect Your Cake: Even if you do choose fondant for your cake, it's important to not set it up in direct sunlight or completely exposed to weather. Fondant will crack or split if exposed to too much humidity or heat, and it's much more challenging to fix fondant than frosting. For indoor weddings, be mindful of the location of your cake. The sun can still come blazing through a window. Keep your cake covered under a tent and completely sheltered.

3. Think Light: If your wedding is truly the epitome of all things summer, why not incorporate that theme into your wedding cake as well? Try a key lime flavored cake with coconut frosting or a light angel food cake with a lemon curd filling. Fruit flavors like raspberry and strawberry are always a great filling addition to any cake.

As always, your baker will be informed of the preferred summer options for your cake. If you're not sure that your dream cake will withstand the summer heat, just ask for safe alternatives.

**Summer Brides!! What kind of cake will you be featuring at your wedding? Any creative summer flavors? Share the sweet info!

                The Emily Weddings Team

Photos courtesy of: Antique Wedding Cake via Intricate Icings, Pink and Black Cake of Celestial Cakes, Green Cake via

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