Friday, June 10, 2011

DIY Friday: Table Numbers

One place that you can personalize your wedding is on the tables.
Creating your own table numbers can be fun and wallet friendly.
Below are some different inspirations for spicing up table numbers.

At a Colorado Springs wedding, guests had to solve a riddle
to find their tables named for artists.
On the tables were a small print by the artist.
To recreate this look, print out a comic or picture of a painting, and back it
with a strong paper such as card stock.
Then place it on a small easel.

For this look, just print a table number label
large enough to cover the existing wine label and
adhere with double-sided tape. These table numbers could
also double as favors at the end of the night.
(As long as your guests don't start drinking them before then!)

To complete a garden tea party look, this couple
spray painted numbers, usually used on the outside of a home,
and attached them to thrift store teapots.
This look is both vintage and unique!

A photo table number can be created by taking photos of the
bride and groom holding up the table numbers in different poses.
Another option would be taking the photos in front of different places
that you have traveled together. This takes a little more planning,
but is a great way to add even more of a personal touch.
Just don't forget to include the table number in your suitcase!
To create the backing of the photo, use
4 1/8-by-6 1/8 inch paper (for 4x6 prints).
To make the "tent," start with a piece of 11-by-17-inch card
stock and cut a strip that is 17 by 4 3/8 inches
(each piece of card stock can make two);
fold strip in half widthwise. Score, and make a
fold 2 1/8 inches from each end to form flaps for base.
Glue photograph to one panel of the tent.
Overlap base flaps by about 1 inch; use double-sided tape to secure.

For a whimsical approach, name each table at the reception
after a childhood game like this couple did from Missouri.
From Jacks to Uno, your guests will love them!

Stacking favors in the middle of a table can be an easy way to
create a table number.
Wrap candy or cookies in small boxes and add ribbon.
Stack the favors in a pyramid shape on top of a cake stand,
and add a gift tag to the top box with the table number written on it.

A couple from Maryland decided to correspond each table number
to a picture from the bride or groom's childhood.
By switching the pictures to black and white you
can ensure that the photo won't clash with color of the
table number or the rest of the decor.

Are you doing something different and original
for your table numbers?
We would love for you to share it with us!


The Emily Weddings Team

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