Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When One Dress Just Won't Do: Bridal Reception Dresses

Change is constant. One of the beauties of the wedding industry is the ever changing trends and styles. These changes are giving new brides the freedom of true personalization and a plethora of design options that far exceeds what existed in the previous generations. More and more, brides are finding new ways to make their special day a little more memorable or unique. One new trend we are noticing is that brides are choosing to change out of there wedding gown and into something more chic and fun for the reception.

 We love this idea! Your wedding dress is such a staple on the big day but not all brides want to spend top dollar on an elaborate, unforgettable gown that they'll want out of all night. Choosing to cut back in price on your wedding gown and opting for a more simplistic design gives you the financial freedom to purchase a 2nd flirty, fun gown with the money you've saved! Wedding gowns are more prone to stains and damage during the reception, with all the dancing, food and drink. Most brides consider this and by having a second dress, avoid the chance of staining or ruining their bridal gown. Designers such as Priscilla of Boston actually boast an entire collection of wedding gowns and reception dresses to be paired together for your big day. You'll notice most bridal salons are recognizing this growing trend and will offer a wider variety of flirty, cocktail-styled dresses. Personally, we love the dress pictured! It's the best of both worlds! A convertible bridal gown! Simply remove the bottom half and train of the dress to reveal a flirty, but still classy cocktail dress!
David Tutera for Faviana- Eva
You can find more convertible dress options here too!

It all comes down to preference and priority. If you've always envisioned a killer gown that's sure to turn heads, you may just want to relish every moment in that very dress. But if you'd rather get your dancing shoes on and party all night long, choosing to purchase a 2nd comfortable reception dress or a convertible gown might just be in your best interest. We love all the new cute, flirty designs that are out now. Designers like Jessica McClintock have a wonderful selection of dresses for decent prices with a variety of color palettes as well!

**Are you planning on changing for your reception? What do you think about the convertible gowns? Let us hear all about it!

        The Emily Weddings Team

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