Monday, June 13, 2011

Host and Toast!

Engagement parties and bridal showers are notorious for their various themes, filled with games and gift giving specific to the bride and groom. Many of these themes have been replicated again and again, with little room for creativity and thought. Which is why we're introducing you to "Host and Toast", an engagement party/bridal shower theme for the bride and groom who love to entertain and are clearly natural hosts.
 This themed celebration is the perfect opportunity for guests to contribute to the couple's entertaining tool box. Most couples accumulate these items over time, such as board games or a set of horseshoes. And a good majority of these items are not usually considered wedding appropriate gifts to give. For the couple who may already have a lot of household items, guests can give them the gift of entertainment.
You can even make it nostalgic! Games such as Twister or Battleship, even Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, these games were probably childhood favorites for the couple. Let the whole party be a throwback of yesteryear!

**We love the idea of creative engagement party themes! Have you heard of one and want to share it? Tell us about it! We're always looking for new and creative ways for our couples to celebrate their engagement!

                  The Emily Weddings Team

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