Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Flowers with Staying Power

Planning a summer wedding, but don't know which flowers
will hold up in the heat?
Our team met with the women behind Palette of Petals in
Virginia Beach to learn which blooms are temperature tough.

Orchids have a waxy texture, which helps them
retain their necessary water supply.
Match this all-white bouquet with a single orchid boutonniere.
Orchids also come in purples ranging from a
grayish purple to a strong reddish purple.

Tiger Lilies, or any other tropical flower such as
Birds-of-Paradise or Ginger Halcyons are already
used to the warm environment, and will last on a hot summer day.

Dahlias, a summer/early fall bloom come in a wide variety
of colors including white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple.
This flower, with a meaning of "forever thine"
is sure to last through the pictures and on into the night.

Hybrid tea roses are both durable and widely available.
This classic flower comes in almost every color
and is usually cost efficient.
Mix them in with other flowers for different textures,
or use the same variety for a clean, crisp look.

Carnations are another widely available, inexpensive flower
that will withstand the heat. According to the Palette of Petals girls,
"You can drag them through the dirt and they will still be okay."
Although we don't recommend it! And when bundled,
this flower can resemble a hydrangea without the shriveling effect
that it takes on in the warm weather. Carnations will also hold color
well if you need to have your flowers painted to match your wedding colors.

Button mums are a great filler for a bouquet, or a boutonniere.
This hearty flower can also be paired with Oasis floral foam
to make a ring pillow, or a pomander.
Or, use it as an entire bouquet for a fresh, different look.

Other than these flowers, any flower that is growing in your region during the
summer season should be able to hold up in the heat.
Make sure that your flowers are in water until the last possible
minute to ensure hydration throughout the ceremony and pictures.
And if you're planning one of those cute "jumping in the air" shots,
make sure you don't fling your flowers up with your arms.
These blooms are durable, but they're not indestructible!
Tell your boys to be careful with hugs as well so
boutonnieres don't get smashed in between the well wishes.

What flowers are you using in your summer wedding?
We would love to know!


The Emily Weddings Team

Photo Credits: 1. Orchids, Bouquet by KBY Designs New York, Photo by Ira Lippke Studios New York and Los Angeles. Tiger Lilies, Photo by SimplyBloom Photography LLC. Dahlias, Bouquets by Romanza Floral, Aimee Pelligrini Seattle, WA, Photo by Angie Burke and Ashley DeLatour, One Thousandwords Photography, Seattle, WA. Roses, Bouquet by Ray Hom at Scented Gardens, Los Angeles, Photo by Andrena Photography. Carnations, Bouquet by Judy Bourgeois, Flora Fauna, Portland, Photo by Emilie Inc., Portland. Mums, Bouquets by Pedestals Floral Decorators, Garden City Park, Photo by Silk Studio, New York.
All photos via The Knot.

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