Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY Friday: The Pillow Alternative

We're all familiar with the traditional pillow that is used to present the wedding rings during the ceremony. Ring bearers used to actually hold the rings on these pillows, however many learned quickly that young ring bearers can not always be trusted to keep track of them. Nowadays, fake rings are actually placed on the pillows and the tradition is still carried on (with the real rings being secured with either the best man or maid of honor). Ever thought of switching out the old pillow for something new, crafty and more personable? Today's post is all about DIY and personable pillow alternatives you can use to compliment your special day( it will also make for beautiful pictures as well!)

Personalized Porcelain Dish

Palomas Nest
      These personalized porcelain dishes can serve as a special alternative to the classic pillow and can also be cherished in your home for years to come.

Nautilus Shell 
Silver Beads and Clay
    This alternative is perfect for any beach wedding and is truly beautiful in its own way.

Tuffed Moss

Once Wed

If your wedding is the essence of rustic/chic, then this pillow is perfect for you! Find out how to make this gorgeous pillow HERE

 Wedding Ring Nest with Birds

La Belle Bride
  This cute pillow alternative is super easy to make and very affordable to make as well! We love the nest idea and truly see the creativity within this project. How cute will your ring bearer look walking down the aisle with one of these?!

Coconut Ring Bowl

Wedding Bee
We adore this coconut ring bowl! For a tropical themed/beach themed wedding, this alternative is fun and creative.

Harvest Wedding Pumpkin 
What a perfect detail to incorporate into your fall wedding ceremony!

By far our favorite pillow alternative! What a fun way to add the extra cute factor to your already adorable ring bearer. This is perfect if you plan on securing the actual rings with your best man or maid of honor, but still want to include a ring bearer in your ceremony. We love the flag, which can also be personalized with your initials on the reverse side. How cute!

Are you planning on using a creative alternative to the traditional ring pillow? We want to hear all about it!

The Emily Weddings Team

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