Friday, July 22, 2011

DON'T DIY Friday: Cake Wrecks!

We've heard this many times over. You have a sweet Aunt who just absolutely loves baking and has been making you cakes all throughout your childhood. While the idea of allowing your sweet Aunt to make this beautiful staple to your wedding day sounds sentimental and cost efficient, let's think about how you'd like your cake to look and if your sweet Aunt can deliver. Don't forget, your cake will be photographed countless times throughout the day!

By all means, if you've seen the work of anyone who you contract to bake and decorate your wedding cake and you trust that the results will be beautiful,  go for it. But let these pictures be a reminder of the "what if" scenarios should you choose to hire a non-professional or just let a sweet and generous family member take on the task.

♫ Unforgettable...♫


 That's what you are...

Beyond subpar!!

Like a song of Love, that CLINGS to me...
How the thought of you does things to me..

Never before...has something been mooore...

In every way...

And forever mooore....
They'll rue the day!

That's why darling..
It's incredible..

That a wreck...

So unforgettable...

Could also be so...
...dang inedible toooo!!!

♫ Apologies to Nat King Cole = ) ♫

We encourage you to truly research whoever you choose to make your wedding cake, as the results could be devastating.
Virginia Beach Brides-We have incredibly talented bakers in the area! Who have you decided to use to make your beautiful wedding cake? We want to hear all about 'em!

The Emily Weddings Team

All photos courtesy of CakeWrecks, Song by the unforgettable Nat King Cole (with lyrics slightly adjusted by the author of Cake Wrecks).

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