Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Proving That True Love Does Exist...

They've been there for you every step of the way...they've taught you a good majority of what you know...and they've loved you no matter what! Even thought it's not technically their wedding day, your parents hold a special role in the day's events. And whether they are single, divorced, divorced and remarried or committed to a 30+ year marriage, your parents were your examples of what relationships are and what they can be. To all those committed parents, their lifelong dedication to the well being of their children should shine on throughout the wedding day as it truly is an important milestone. For many of us, our parents' relationships serve as proof that true love really does exist.

Looking to pay tribute to your parents on your special day? Here are some fun and meaningful ways to show them just how much you appreciate their love, support and the wonderful example they set for you.

These coasters feature the bride and groom's names and wedding date with a sweet dedication to their parents on the back. <3

Some couples choose to perform a Rose Ceremony during their wedding, where the bride or both the bride and groom include their mothers in the ceremony and give them a single rose.

Include a special poem in the program or leave the written poem on their chair with a rose. It will be a beautiful surprise that will only make the day more meaningful.

"(Your Title) My Very Special Parents Mom and Dad
I may no longer be that little child who always Wanted another hug or minute with you But I still miss you when we are apart.
I may no longer need your hand for every step I take But I still need your acceptance and support of everything I do.
I may not be that little child who asked For all the things I ever wanted in the world But that’s because long ago you taught me How to go after my dreams.
I may no longer be that little child who Looked to you to share every hurt, smile and tear But I still feel like that child whenever I think of you… 
I’ll always love you, Mom and Dad, With the heart of that little child Grown to love you only more."

Feature the wedding pictures of your family, whether it's your parent's, grandparent's, brother's or sister's, pay tribute to your family.

Remembering Deceased Parents:

Although they may no longer be with us, our parents are still our parents. And they would be so happy and proud to watch their children enter into a beautiful marriage, just as you would love to honor them and the life they shared with you.

**Are you planning on including your parents in a unique and special way on your wedding day? We would love to hear all about your ideas and the impact your parents have made on you and your idea of "true love". <3

The Emily Weddings Team

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