Monday, July 11, 2011

Pieces of Pemberley

If you are looking for that special headpiece for your wedding day,
look no further. The wonderful Mia Byrd, event coordinator
at the Chrysler Museum of Art, has started making beautiful custom pieces.
Mia began creating costumes and and accessories for stage performers
while studying English and Foreign Languages. She started making her own
cocktail hats, fascinators and hair accessories in 2007 while working at the museum.
Mia's love for bits of flair and eclectic additions to an everyday
wardrobe inspired her design motif. Her desire for something very distinct,
something she could not find premade, became her passion.

Her company, Pieces of Pemberley, features cocktail hats, fascinators,
hair pins, headbands and more. All of the pieces are handmade by the one
and only Mia. The colors, fabric and accoutrements are carefully selected
by the bride and Mia to create a one-of-a-kind look that will not be duplicated.
Mia says that she "will never grow tired of creating the perfect final touch to
complete someone else's vision. The thrill of others is terribly exciting and inspiring."

We hope that you fall in love with Mia and her pieces as much as we have!
We would love to see some of our future brides with these fabulous pieces.

To contact Mia, visit Pieces of Pemberley.

The Emily Weddings Team

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