Monday, July 18, 2011

Signature Cocktails

The Signature Cocktail not only sets the mood for your wedding reception, it's also another opportunity for the bride and groom to add their personal touch to the day. No matter how simplistic or complicated it may be, let your signature cocktail reflect you! Does your groom fancy a simple bourbon and coke? Are you a bride who appreciates a good cosmopolitan? Feature them!

The has a wonderful and convenient page that features signatures cocktails, both simplistic and elaborate, and organizes them by event type, color and season. They also provide mouth watering pictures for each cocktail.

For couples on a budget, having a signature cocktail is a wonderful way to save money! The concept has been around for years but is gaining popularity in recent years. Ideally, you could serve beer and wine throughout the night, have champagne for toasts (if you'd like), and have your one or two signature drinks for kicks! Make sure your signature drink stars your favorite liquor, it could even match your wedding's color scheme!

Consider placing creative and festive signs near or on the bar to draw attention to your featured drink(s) of the evening. Include a brief description of what is in the drink and give it a creative name!

We absolutely love the idea of a signature cocktail! What a creative and delicious way to personalize your wedding, right down to the bar top!

**Are you planning on having a signature cocktail at your wedding? Share the mouth watering details here!**

Photos courtesy of: Project Wedding, Wedding Rumors, Hindsight Bride, Flickr, Etsy

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