Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't Do It Yourself Friday

We have recently turned Friday into a "Do it Yourself" tradition,
but we would like to remind you that there are just some things
that you shouldn't attempt on your own. To avoid a day full of stress,
you might want to leave these things to the professionals...

Whether it's a missed teaspoon of sugar or a tilted tier,
a wedding cake disaster is hard to fix. Yes, it would be much less expensive to buy
a few boxes of cake mix and do it yourself, but the quality in the
end could be lacking. Decorating and transporting a wedding cake is
quite difficult and best left to someone with the knowledge of how
to handle your confection without damaging it.

Your wedding photographs are one of the few tangible things you'll
have to remember your wedding. All of your loved ones may promise
to capture every moment, but what happens if they get distracted or
have a camera malfunction? If it's important for you to have high-quality
images and hundreds of great shots, hire a pro. You'll be glad you did
when you see your picture-perfect album.

You've organized every minute detail so far, so why shouldn't you
be in charge on the wedding day? Because you won't be able to relax.
Hiring a coordinator for the day can be a lifesaver. While you're getting
pampered, they'll be setting up and averting any crisis that may occur.
When everything isn't going perfectly, you'll be none the wiser.
Trust us - peace of mind is worth the extra expense.

A beautiful centerpiece sets the mood of the reception.
From sophisticated to fun, you can create a setup that will wow your guests -
with a florist's help, of course! Flowers can cost upward of $3,000,
depending on your taste and the season. Although it's a larger
part of the budget, it's worth every penny. Your wedding florist
will ensure that you get exquisite displays filled with the freshest blooms.

Catering a large-scale party is a huge undertaking, even for a culinary whiz.
You'll be hard-pressed to get enough food together for a hundred people
and keep it hot - even if you make the best dish in town. And, once you get
it made, you'll need a reliable staff to serve it.
Caterers are trained to make it happen;
they have the support staff to
serve you and your guests in a timely manner.

It's tempting to rock out to your favorite tunes, and you
might think it's easy to do so with an iPod. Not quite.
You'll be limited to the music you love as a couple, not necessarily
what everyone else will like, and you'll be stuck with the premade playlist.
Music pros are trained to read the dance floor.
They can speed it up or slow it down so that your
guests are footloose into the wee hours.

We love a good DIY project, but we agree that there
are some things that shouldn't be attempted.
Keep reading for more inspired Friday projects!

The Emily Weddings Team

Thanks to Tia Albright from The Knot for these six tips.
Photo courtesy of The Pink Book.

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